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Quiet Pastures Desk Lamp

Each panel of this beautiful hand-finished LED wood-cut light features a scene from a picturesque farm, perfect to lull you to sleep or light up your desk. Cows graze in the pasture in front of rolling crop fields, with a distant tree line and barn silhouetted against the gentle glow from within. Each lamp comes with color-changing LEDs! Choose your favorite color, brighten or dim the light, or let it cycle through the full spectrum of colors (shown sped up in our gallery).

A heifer being halter-broken, a detailed field of corn and a tractor complete the farm scenery. The beef version has cow and calf pairs, while the dairy version is cows grazing on each side. The vellum paper on all four sides diffuses the light from the USB-powered LED lamp inside, and the moon and star cutouts on top cast an overlapping moon and star pattern on the ceiling when the lamp is lit. Lamp comes with an on-off switch and a remote to choose your light setting – batteries included. 

Add customization to the front of the nightlight top – an anniversary, birthdate, name or farm name to make this gorgeous nightlight an even more special gift.

Choose from three finishes shown in our gallery – walnut, white and ebony. Walnut is real walnut ply over an MDF core, white is a painted MDF, and ebony is a dark, faux wood grain finished MDF. 


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